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Stop fanning flames with rumors

Two protests. Two areas of the city. Two different groups. Two different days. Numerous rumors flew on social media about violence and looting. Numerous businesses ... Read more

Experience presence through scent

Some years ago, my young sons were preparing to go to church on Sunday morning when my youngest son looked up and asked my husband, ... Read more

What makes people cry?

Did you know it’s all right to cry? Read more

We have to do better

Let’s call it what it was: murder. What everybody saw when they watched the video of George Floyd dying was plain murder. It was not ... Read more

Second chances deserve second look

By Delegate Clinton Jenkins Racial disparity lies deeply rooted in our criminal justice system, afflicting adult and juvenile sentencing. The 2020 legislative session served as ... Read more

Come to testing events

Community testing for COVID-19 will be taking place two times in Suffolk in the next week and a half, and we strongly encourage anybody and ... Read more

Parole Board actions are disturbing

By Howard Hall Recently, we’ve learned of numerous disturbing decisions by the Virginia Parole Board, beginning with granting parole to Vincent Martin, who murdered a ... Read more

The Nansemond River oyster

By Elizabeth Taraski At Ruritan and Rotary fundraising events, they are steamed and then poured on the table. At restaurants, they are often displayed on ... Read more

An evil reality in our world

By QuaWanna Bannarbie Children of the 1980s know one common fear: scary movies that starred the characters of Freddy Krueger from the horror franchise titled ... Read more

Please, wear a mask

The longer the COVID-19 pandemic wears on, the more obvious it becomes that America has become horrifically polarized. Read more

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