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Vaccine process confusing

On Tuesday, the Western Tidewater Health District surpassed a total of 10,000 cases of COVID-19. With about 147,815 people who live in Suffolk, Franklin, Isle ... Read more

Board meeting was teachable moment

To the editor: Recently I viewed the Jan. 14 Suffolk Public Schools Meeting on YouTube. The aim of this was to continue to be informed ... Read more

Have ‘the talk’ with young people

By Nathan Rice I knew it was time. I knew that I needed to go over everything with him, but I came up with many ... Read more

Create civilian review board

To the editor: My name is Hakim Muhammad. I’m a member of Virginia Organizing. I’m also an African American living in Suffolk. On Oct. 8, ... Read more

Police chief unresponsive to concerns

To the editor: My name is Naajia Lyons. I’m a resident of Suffolk. I have been interning with Virginia Organizing since 2018. We have worked ... Read more

Double standards motivated Capitol riot

To the editor: Hypocrisy reigns. Where was the condemnation and outrage by the left when many of our cities were decimated last year? Barely a ... Read more

A special event this year

At a time when our nation is reeling from threats of all kinds, from racial injustice to homegrown extremists to a viral pandemic that has ... Read more

Thanks for good food

The Mercy Chefs came to town recently to serve in a way that’s similar to, yet different from, what they’re used to. Mercy Chefs was ... Read more

The need of the hour

Up until a few months ago, shortage of an essential product had never entered our minds. We lived in a country with plenty and multiple ... Read more

Don’t miss out on their lives

By Nathan Rice It was years ago, but I remember it clearly. The coach saw me sitting in the stands next to the Little League ... Read more

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