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Virtual Virginia allows experiences

To the editor: High school students shouldn’t have to wait until after graduation to get real-world experience. Fortunately, my online school allowed me to hold ... Read more

A call for prayer

By Myrtle Thompson Sometimes we say, “I wish I had thought of (or done) that!” That’s how I felt when I read the story on ... Read more

End the killings of Black people

By D.K. Seneca Bock As a Black woman, and as part of the African Diaspora, I am firmly standing in solidarity with the call to ... Read more

The ‘Elle’ in Loving

By QuaWanna Bannarbie By definition, the word “elle” is of French origin meaning “she.” It is the ending of the names of Danielle, Gabrielle and ... Read more

Congrats on great Tour

The Tour de Cure made it clear this year that even a pandemic will not stop them from raising lots of money for a great ... Read more

Stay positive in the midst of it all

By Joseph Perry Hebrews 12:11 Is it hard for you to stay positive in what you are going through? I was listening to a discussion ... Read more

We are still learning about our past

To the editor: The past couple of weeks have been a real heartache for anyone that believes any life matters. It should not matter what ... Read more

Life and ‘Survivor’

By Nathan Rice Television reality series “Survivor” completed its 40th season recently. The show premiered in 2000 when 16 Americans were dropped off on a ... Read more

A fitting tribute

Ruth Johnson of Suffolk is a true community hero who is passionate about the cause of making sure nobody goes hungry. Read more

Disappointed in censure of Story

I attended the School Board meeting on June 11, 2020. Read more

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